How Can EPiC Help You?

EPiC Solutions is transforming the engineering, procurement and construction process by bringing a fully integrated approach to project execution. Industry leading construction and engineering experts and actively involved in the planning and design of every phase in each project to 

ensure all stakeholder expectations are met.

We want our customers projects to:

Build and maintain positive

relationships with all stakeholders.

Achieve the best value possible 

through the implementation of the 

optimal execution strategy.

Integrate construction expertise into project development and design 

as early as possible to 

maximize positive impact.

Construction Driven Design

Early and sustained engagement of construction expertise in project planning and design development: Construction input to drive engineering and design, ensuring that optimum execution planning is carried through to completion including early engagement 

with stakeholders to identify regulatory, land, and environmental constraint.


    •    Right of Way Identification & Selection

    •    Regulatory Applications

    •    Environmental and Archeological Assessment

    •    Pipeline Route 3D Modeling and Grade Planning

    •    Geographic Information System Modeling

    •    Geotechnical Investigations and Modeling

    •    Pipeline and Facility Detailed Design

    •    Hydraulics and Transient Analysis

    •    Trenchless Crossings Engineering and Design

    •    Stress Analysis and Annular Pressure Modeling


    •    Procurement strategy and implementation plan  


    •    Material requisition development and management

    •    Contract/Subcontract requisition development and 


    •    Bid/Evaluate/Award management (or support as required)


    •    Mainline Pipeline Construction and Supervision

    •    Facility Construction and Supervision

    •    Trenchless Crossings Management and Execution support

    •    Project HSE Program Development

    •    Quality Control and Assurance

    •    Welding Procedure Development and Qualification

    •    Construction Cost Estimating, Planning and Scheduling

    •    Pipe Spooling and Fabrication

    •    Pre-Commissioning

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