Start with the end in mind.

Our Story

Formed in the fall of 2017, EPiC Solutions is the product of two powerhouse companies looking to change the paradigm of traditional engineering led project development by starting with the end in mind.

EPiC is a joint venture between Midwest Pipelines Inc., a leading construction company with current experience delivering projects on time, safely and CCI Inc., a leading engineering design company with a complete regulatory and environmental service offering. Together, these two companies saw a need to integrate construction expertise into project development and design as early as possible in the project lifecycle and sustain that engagement through all design and planning phases.

Man planing a solution Man planing a solution

How Can
We Help You?

1 An integrated engineering procurement and construction approach to project execution from start to finish.
2 Experienced construction personnel actively involved in the construction of pipelines and trenchless crossings, leading our teams.
3 Engineering and design is driven by construction experts and constructability is built into the design before the first design review.

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